Particleiscope Post Mortem


Finally after a delay, (which I will explain more further. below) Particleiscope is done and dusted and published online to Particleiscope on itchio so please check it out and leave some feedback if you possibly could, that would be great.

Particleiscope Art Creation Game-play

It is a game about art creation, whereas you can create art through the various particle effects that randomly spawn on the mouse click. You can spawn one particle effect, or up to 5 particle effects at the same time which will run their course before disappearing. Some effects will remain on the screen canvass for a while longer, you can then capture these effects and images created using four cameras, from the front view, from looking out towards player view, from the left side view, and from the right side view. Any screen captures are then saved to the game folder for you to view later at your pleasure, or minimise the screen and check them out straight away.

Wearing My Captain Positive Hat

There is a lot of things I enjoyed doing as well as am pleased with some of the features that worked. There are always some negatives, but their will always be negatives if I am judging my own work, so we shall not delve into them here.

The Particle System


The particle system in Unity is pretty awesome and the more I experiment and explore, the more I find out how to do things as well as create some pretty unique effects myself. I did enjoy creating these effects and in all honesty I could have spent another month building more.


I particularly liked the effect created by the particle system above to the right of the screen, where the trail effects acted as mirrors themselves, which then created some pretty unique visuals themselves.

Creating Mirrors


Creating the mirrors was actually quite an easy and simple process in the end, once I sieved through the many posts, forums and websites that I had to research in order to build. In the end, I found it easier and much, much quicker, as well as hella simpler to create a mirrored surface by attaching a camera to it and adjusting the view.

 Time to Post-Mortem..

So this is where I now reflect back upon the project and see where I went wrong and most importantly how do I prevent or lessen the impact if such an impact occurs in the future in another project.

This post-mortem will be a little different in such, that I wont be really talking about any lack of skills or knowledge when building cos to be honest, there was no real issues with the coding and when I did get stuck, I was fortunate to have my classmate Harley help me to complete it, and as mentioned before, creating the mirror turned out quite easy.

What I want to discuss is when an event happens in ones personal life which can throw a real spanner in the works. This is a common issue, and quite frankly it is something I don’t like to discuss much as it denotes weakness and ‘broked-ness’, even though I should not look at it like that.

Image result for black dog depression

I had an issue/problem that arose midway through this project and unfortunately to my detriment the ‘black dog’ descended upon myself. Now for those of you who have never experienced depression, it’s no use trying to explain to you what its like cos quite frankly you wouldn’t have a clue what a real proverbial pain in the arse the condition is and will never understand it unless you experience and have been diagnosed with it, but believe me you definitely do not want this diagnosis. Anyways, I do thank God and am so grateful that as I have been dealing with this for a while now, I do know my triggers and do have a process in place to help me get through it quicker but it is still an unpleasant period, and this time, it did catch me by surprise.

Image result for black dog depression

Here is the process I followed:

Extract from my Facebook Post….

“I know myself enough and know the pattern and cycle and although it may get me down temporarily I know it wont last for long.

Well not as long as it used to. I am just blessed in the fact I do have faith and a well-meaning support network.

I rest a little easier realising that compared to 2 years ago, 5, 10 or even back to the original accident, my ability to defeat this bastard is getting better and better. 

  • Part of the tactic is not fighting it but allowing the lil arse to have his way for a lil while. (acceptance)Image result for black dog depression
  • Then I usually reach out, (seeking help, venting, talking,release)
  • Then usually words form in my head and a poem is born. (venting, release Convo’s in Your Head)
  • Then usually, now this is the hardest step but I’ve found that the sooner I do it the better I’ll be, is to talk to someone. Both in person and most importantly prayer
    Blessed release.
  • The good thing is that all those stages usually occur now within 24 hours cos I can’t afford to waste anymore time.”

Image result for black dog depression

Events will happen in life, sometimes these events unavoidable and the effect it may have upon us cannot always be predetermined and prepared for, but one can take steps to recover and get back on track.

As I said before, there were no real issues with the technical or building of the game, it was only the impact of depression that delayed me. I hope to not have to go through this again, but there is no doubt its ugly head will rise again, but hopefully next time, my recovery process is quicker. I am happy that I did bounce back sooner and even though the game was delivered late, I still delivered and didn’t just give up on it.

That is all for this post, thank you for your company and interest. I sincerely hope that there was something in it for you. Until next time….

God’s blessings upon you….

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