De Ape Steppa begins…

De Ape Steppa

Guide an overgrown lost gorilla down the street, dodging or destroying coppers, choppers and cars, all to a kicking beat conveyed visually as well in the dub step style.

We now have a crack team assembled who have all the necessary skills to complete this project. The design documents and concepts have been thrashed out and explained to each member of the team.


What’s My Role?

My role and what I want to gain from this project is actual project management success. During my time in college, I have never been part of a team project that has been delivered fully functioning and on time. I am working hard to make sure that this project not only gets delivered, but fully functioning as well.

We have cut down on a lot of details and features from our initial over the top and over scoped initial pitch to give ourselves more opportunity and time to deliver a working model for testing and then enough time to polish and deliver on time when due in two weeks.


This is very important to me as, i have project managed most of my adult working life including during the operation of my own business. I know how to manage a project. Give me the right people, the right tools, and I will deliver.

In college however, I have yet been successful in delivering a team project and the reasons are many and varied with partial responsibility of course lying in my arms but this time there is a very good chance.

What is different?

  • The team – students are more advanced and at the stage of their study where they have proved that they really want to be here.
  • My skills – my skills have improved as well as my confidence, having a good team also adds heaps to confidence.
  • Plan – the knowledge and skills taught to me over the last year has given me the path or the plan to design and build a game.


Now although I am still very apprehensive and not entirely 100% confident of the outcome, as each day goes by I feel a little, tiny bit more reassured due to various things falling into place.











As this is also a project working for an external client, being our audio student and team member, it has been working and progressing quite well. Communications between us has been constant and timely, there are still moments where people need to be followed up on, but that is to be expected in any project. There have been no issues in regards to the direction of the game as well as the game concept, which has evolved. Ideas have been suggested freely and any rejection or suggestions received professionally.

There is still a long way to go, and although we have a prototype level generation system completed , we have yet to test and then present the prototype to the ‘boss’ for hopefully approval and high fives all round. In order to deliver a fully functioning final polished game on time we still have to do the following things to try to make the journey to completion hopefully smoother:

  • Communications – keep constant communication and follow-up. This may mean at times being a bit more assertive when asking for portions of the project to be delivered.
  • Ensure each team member knows what their role and responsibilities are. What they have to deliver and when.
  • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!

Usually in projects where an external client is involved, there tends to be some creative difference, but as mentioned before my previous life and business experience has always taught me that if the ,boss’ wants it that way, then the ‘boss’ gets it that way, no matter what your personal opinion or view maybe.


At this moment in time, we do have a level built and hopefully by Monday will have everything functioning except for the audio and visual effects so we can then develop, change, refine and implement everything we need to ensure a playable game.


More updates to follow but for now, that’s it. Thank you for your time and company, until next time…

God’s blessings upon you always.



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