My Boss is an Audio Student


Although I still have yet to deliver my project two game Spireidoscope, which is looking more like Explodascope, I have to now divert more time to my new project which is a game based and dreamed up by an audio student I will finish Spireidoscope and report on that as well (what a read that’ll be ;-).
Oh great” I thought, “here we go, this is gonna be fun and I betcha this guys a typical audio student, chilled, in their own world and usually out of this world.” Which mind you I do not look at in a negative way, in no way out all, each to their own I always say.
Well as per usual when one makes foolish generalizations they are always proven wrong and my new boss for this project was your typical audio student, but not your typical audio student and his ideas were great, not to mention the tracks we have to play with are quite smooth, cruisy and can be implemented quite well with the ideas thrown out there during brainstorming sessions. The audio tracks fit into the dubstep and techno…..apparently. I love my music but as for knowing what genres there are out these days, I am not up to speed, but yes I have heard dubstep and techno before. Hell, I’ve even been known to bust a few moves on the dance floor in the different styles, a long, long time ago, but I digress, forgive me.
I decided to refresh my memory on Dubstep, as even though it’s been around for a while, it’s just been awhile since I have experienced it first hand. Techno, well its more popular, and I know its very similar to Dubstep just probably a lot cleaner and sharper, with a lot more electronics thrown in at a very fast speed.


According to the Urban Dictionary Dubstep is music that is based around the bass. Ok then!?
It is a mixture of other musical styles such as reggae,jungle, dub, d’n’d (what the?), UK Garage, grime, techno and IDM (Again what the!?)
It always has a bass and a sub bass and apparently runs at a tempo of 140bpm and may range from melodious instrumentals to dark techy and distorted tracks. (Once again…okay then?)

The best way to describe it, is to actually hear it and make up your own mind, I always knew this was a style on its own, but could pick out the different influences. Except for d’n’d and IDM, I know of the other styles, but then again usually when you hear it, you recognize it but just didn’t know it had a classification of its own. Unless you are an Audio Student.

The first and probably most well-known Dubstep artists would be Skrillex, according to the Skrillex track Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites was number 2 on the charts for best Dubstep songs ever.


Number one is Antiwar Dub by Digital Mystikz but I never heard of him but he’s quite good..apparently.


Digital Mystikz

How to Apply it to the game

After watching a few clips from You Tubes Top 100 Songs Dubstep 2017, I have noticed that in a lot of dubstep music videos there is a lot of use of light and lights. There is almost always a dark background and in the foreground are usual bright displays of lighting effects that interact with the music through either changing shape, pulsating, glowing, turning off and on etc.



This will go nicely with our concept of having streetlights, traffic lights and other visual effects that will interact with the music, whilst surrounded by a dark background, which just adds to the lighting effects.

I did also notice that a lot of the visual art can be quite cartoonish and simple but also quite gritty and sharp.



The animation and look of the game should have a simplistic cartoon look whilst retaining a grittiness and harshness of reality in a dark world, where the light, the music is the only thing to pierce the darkness, light up the way and free the masses. Our concept should hopefully deliver this look with the cityscape and main character but depending upon the animation, we may not see as much of the main character as we would like and turn it into a first person.
Well there’s a lot to do, and so little time so we must get cracking. There shall be more on this project as it develops and comes to life. Hopefully it sustains itself and lives on forever in cyber space and does not come crashing down like the proverbial defunct satellite.
Thank you so much for your time, support and company, I sincerely hope you got something out of it. Until next time…

God’s blessings upon you always.




Photo sources from Pintrest and Youtube


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