Lifugglar – Post Mortem

prefabplayerLifugglar has been completed and published to so now is the time to reflect upon the project and see what I could have done better and what should be celebrated.
Firstly lets start of on a negative account of what went wrong and how can I prevent that from happening again.
screenshot10.PNGAs per usual programming or my lack of ability in scripting had a lot to play as per usual for some of the original ideas in the game to be changed, but that is a violin well-played and besides I am continuously working on improving that skill and knowledge so lets discuss something else….

Knowing My Tools

The shapes did not exactly act in the way I wanted them to, now whilst there was a component of scripting that could have improved this, but due to the two-week limit I wanted to achieve this using mainly the Unity engine. There were a couple of areas that I needed to know a bit more about and include:


  • Colliders – Not knowing that I could use multiple colliders on created objects is almost criminally negligent on my behalf for not finding this out sooner and can now think of many earlier games that could have been fixed. I also was not very accurate at times when placing the colliders and adjusting their values.
    Solution: Continue to make games and explore Unity more. Goal set: Have 3 personal project games published on by the end of this trimester.


  • Particle Systems – Even though the cloud and mist in the background wasn’t a bad turnout for a complete noob such as myself, there is still much room for improvement and I haven’t even gone into triggering the effects at scripted times.
    Solution: Have particle systems in each of my 3 personal project games and try to use and experiment with this system more.


  • Unity Engine – My knowledge of the engine continues to grow the more I use Unity. I am discovering more features as well as how to use each one to deliver a decent game. BUT there is still a lot more to go and a lot more to learn.
    Solution: Along with college projects, and my personal projects, continue to experiment and work in the engine. The fear and the overwhelming feeling of ‘what the hell?’ has now been conquered, so lets climb and slay this beast.

Now let’s get into some positivity….

Well for a start, Lifugglar was actually the very first game that I have designed and built myself. What I mean by that, is that I did not start out with a tutorial as the base and then inject my design flair. This was a game that I started from scratch, created assets, created scripts, fixed errors, got assistance and then completed and delivered a build.
Now I am not saying it was a great a game, even a good game, hell, I even had trouble considering it a game as it went against my core beliefs of what a game should be, but it is a game and its mine. Most importantly the game I delivered fitted the brief and produced an experience showing how difficult life is trying to keep everything balanced. Unpredictable event have unpredictable effects, whilst others have a steady more stable and predictable effect. I do believe sincerely the game delivered this experience somewhat.


I celebrate that.


Well that’s it for this one, I have to keep some of my posts a bit shorter as there is still a long way to go and it’s so easy to get carried away when a battle is won, not realising there is still the whole war yet to go. Thank you so much for your company, time and interest, I hope you did get something from it. Until next time…..

God’s peace and blessings upon you.


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