Wind with the Wind Post-Mortem


Well another group project down, successfully? No! It would be nice if once, just once in college a group game could be developed and delivered on time and in working order.It is frustrating and tiring to continuously come up against this type of blockage and failure. Who’s, what’s to blame, well the reasons are varied and not one person could be pinpointed and singled out as to have caused the majority of issues. As it’s a team based project, the whole team has to share the blame and failure.
The game nearly got there, it was this close, this close! But fell over at the last hurdle and had to put down just before the finish line. Sad, very sad indeed. The play-testing gave us valuable feedback and even though I wasn’t totally happy with the idea, I ended up going along with changing the kite to a balloon which made a lot more sense to testers for some reason. BalloonI do look at that as the biggest failure of the original project as the game was about flying a kite, fortunately the balloon fits in quite well and I must grudgingly admit its merits.
The music was another thing we didn’t make full use off. Two audio students kindly collaborated and produced 4 out of the ten tracks I asked for, unfortunately due to their commitments they were not able to complete the other 6 tracks, but what they did make is awesome and much appreciated.
I did quite like the wind gust effects and the mechanics of the game, but at the moment it needs to be still severely tweaked before being satisfactorily at least, finished. One of the first things is to cut down on the number of hazards spawned as well as slowing their speeds down. At the moment there is just too many and that distracts too much from the original concept of enjoying the experience of flying a kite/balloon. But alas time has run out and disappointing as it is, I still have to move on.
Once again one must take stock, reflect, highlight and plan to not fall into the same pitfalls again. I cannot speak for anyone else nor can I ensure that everyone carries out their allocated tasks diligently so it is very important that I expand my skills and knowledge so that if I notice something going wrong or not being completed in time, I can confidently step in and assist. So on saying all that, here are three areas that I know need improvement and paid attention to.

What went wrong?
I did not have enough time to assist my team members in building and scripting                 the game.
 Why did it happen?
 As I was concerned about my total lack of scripting skills and knowledge, I ended                up spending too much time on my TSSK plan and goals increasing my knowledge                and skills by making games.
 How do I ensure it does not happen again?
I have said it before and I will say it again, work schedule and  work calendar .                   BUT not only that but also having the discipline to stick to the schedule. As I began             to understand scripting more, I began to enjoy it more and suddenly building                       games went from something I HAD to learn to something I LOVE to learn. I finally               found my passion for something again, and this time it came back with real                         vengeance. This means though, that I have to be more aware of my schedule and               other tasks and duties that also need to be attended to and fulfilled. This means                   that when I allocate a time to perform a task, I need to stop when the time limit is               reached and move onto something else. It does not matter if I am not happy with               the final look or outcome of my task, I need to leave it and move onto something                 else. As I am loving this game building and designing I know I will always find the             time to come back and tweak anything I want or need to, I just need to finish all                 my allocated tasks first. In the end towards the last week, I was able to actually                   assist with the scripting as well as implementation of audio and particle systems                 but sadly all too late.

Skills and Knowledge


What went wrong?
This an ongoing area that has continued to plague me since college began. My               lack of scripting and tools knowledge is holding me back as well as not really           permitting me to confidently assist in any scripting or building tasks.
Why did it happen?
This is a rich tapestry made up of fear, pride and plain old stubbornness. Not asking questions and looking at scripting as an impossible beast to master all attributed to my skills and knowledge in this area to be woefully inadequate.Unity
How do I ensure it does not happen again?
The big difference this time is that my knowledge of scripting has increased ten fold at least but where I ran into trouble was trying to get that skill and knowledge up to an acceptable level. I ended up spending a bit too much time on my TSSK plan and goals building the two games. Now whilst this did increase my skills and knowledge to the point that I could contribute to building the game, I ran out of time in the end, which brings me back to the point above regarding scheduling.

Teamwork and Working with Others
teamworkWhat went wrong?
The project was not completed and delivered in time.
Why did this happen?
Well that once again is a rich tapestry all neatly woven together to form the failure quilt. The first mistake was assuming that others have the necessary skills and ability to deliver their tasks. The second mistake was completing all the tasks allocated but not assisting others in a timely fashion. Third mistake was trying to build this game where each member took up certain roles and tasks but didn’t stray outside of those areas. In trying to run the team as one would operate in a company does not work whilst at college as all team members are learning as well and all have different levels of skills and knowledge. By only sticking to tasks that one was good at or enjoyed, limits ones learning as well as ones opportunity to assist others in their learning.
How do I ensure that it doesn’t happen again?
Never work with others again. Noooo!
In the next team project it would be wise to have a team meeting and may team meetings to trash out the tasks and responsibilities. It would also enable the team to monitor each other’ s progress and assist where required. Documentation such as Design Concept, Feature Specs, Tech Specs and any other documentation will be done together. This should ensure that every team member is on the same page and has the same vision. It will also assist others in their learning as well as fulfilling any reporting or work quota requirements. Essentially the bottom line where the behavior needs to change is working together as a team, we are at college and all learning, I believe if I and us all take this on board, then completing projects functioning and on time can be easily achieved.

Well that’s it for this post. I would like to develop this game more but first, other things to do. Thank you for your time and interest, I hope you gained something from it. Until next time….

God bless you always.

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