Win with the Wind Extended Visual Features

I wanted to add some extended visual effects to the game. Some of these visual effects included:

  • Lighting –  Mainly bright to represent a clear day but will change when storm clouds appear as well as flash when lightning appears.
  • Particle effects – I wanted particle effects added to the following:
    • Collecting bonus letters – when bonus letters appear and are hit by the players kite the will disappear in an explosion of colored dots that will cascade outwards in  circle shape for a small duration.
    • Player Kite destroyed – when the players kite is destroyed after touching a hazard it will disappear in an explosion of red, yellow and orange dots with rendered trail particles radiation from the center outwards in a circle.
    • Swooping – when the player uses the swoop action a trail of particles will be left in the players wake. The particles will be yellow in color and will appear for a very brief period.
    • Wind gusts – When the wind gusts appear, white to light blue/cyan particles will appear and radiate in an upwards direction with short rendered trails. They will disappear when the wind gust disappears.

windgustIn this post  I wanted to talk about how I added the particle effects to the wind gusts.
Now as the wind gusts are an integral part of the game that appear throughout the levels any changes I make have to be added to the wind gust prefab so that whenever any wind gust is spawned it will show the newly added effects.Particlesystem1
So with the Wind gust prefab selected, in the inspector I add Particle System with the Add Component button. I checked the Prewarm box because I wanted the particles to be present as soon as the wind gust spawns. Although I might change that to unchecked as the effect does look pretty cool with the particles appearing and rising.
I changed the start size to 0.1 as the size of 1 is way too large and does not visually pleasing at all.
I then selected a Start Color to make it stand out a little bit from the background as well as the wind gust sprite.
This was fine but all it produced was a whole lot of little dots that spread out from the center of the wind gust with no apparent shape or form.
I then went to the shape section of the Particle Systems and changed the shape to Box. I changed the X (width) to 1 and the Y (height) to 3. I changed the Z axis as well but as it’s a 2D game there is no visual change. The particles now formed a rectangle around the wind gust but were still just colored dots.Particlesystem3
Selecting Trails I opened the section and changed my Color over Lifetime and Color over Trail. I left all the other settings and value as they were because they suited the look and I did not have the luxury of time unfortunately to really experiment with this section.


After doing the above I was given a message about assigning a material in my Trail Material, so I opened up the section straight under Trails, titled Renderer.
I changed the Render Mode at first but then decided I preferred the appearance of the windgust_particle_effectBillboard mode. I made sure I picked a Trail Material from the options available as well as selected a Material from the options.
I did not change any other settings but after checking all the settings and placing a prefab into the scene to check the appearance of the particle system. I did tweak a few more values and settings but quickly decided to leave it as it was.
I ran the game and was rewarded with:

So there you have it. Adding the particle system to the wind gust was quite easy as it did not require a script or any triggers. Well that is it for this post, thank you so much for your time and interest. I hope you gained something from this little post. Until next time…

God’s blessings upon you.




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