Win with the Wind Play Test 2 Review and back to the plan by introducing Space Shooter



Play-testing was done on the 19th of April between 12:30 and 2:30 pm, with 14 people contributing to play-test and also filling out the questionnaire.

Changes since play-test 1:

  • W and S keys were disabled
  • Bird assets were created
  • Rolling background
  • Power bar for start of level
  • Swoop metre functioning better
  • Music playing


  • A lot more people used the swoop when they understood what it was for.
  • For a peaceful game it made people get a bit heated, but still determined to play the game.
  • They didn’t know of the end objective, and just learned along the way of birds and gusts.
  • Players pointed out the spawning of gusts, but that can be fixed.
  • Felt spawns were too hectic and difficult to manage.
  • They liked how the game couldn’t be cheated anymore but staying at the top of the screen and warping across to high scores.

Form Questionnaire and Consensus

Q1: How did it feel like, flying the kite, using the wind gusts, and avoiding hazards?

Based off the reviews for the first questions, it seemed that most people enjoyed the feel of the kite, however a lot of them also pointed out that the movement also didn’t feel like a kite, which added some complications to trying to grasp the feel of a flying kite. What was also mentioned was that a lot of people mentioned were the wind gusts, and while they were part of the question, many players felt that the wind gusts were too hard to acquire as they spawned so few and at such a low rate.

Q2: What did you find most challenging when flying the kite?

Players were branched in their answers of the most challenging part of the game. A minimal amount explained that they struggled to handle the countermeasures with the swooping and quickly changing course. A majority of people find the wind gusts the most challenging. Whether that be to range or time that the gusts last, people weren’t finding them in time to be able to be launched higher and continue through the level.

Q3: How often did you have to use the swoop action?


Pretty much every player used the swoop mechanism, which is a good sign. Whether it just be them moving fast to a gust or to quickly change directions to avoid birds, at least we know that the mechanic swoop was used efficiently and often enough that it doesn’t need to be changed drastically.

Moving Forward from here

The final things that we need for the last play-test or before we can consider the game finished include:

  • operational sound manager,
  • death animation for kite,
  • spawn rate change, sound effects,
  • the 2 other levels,
  • operational win and next level screens,
  • implementing the storm cloud and planes , 
  • implementing the bonus letters to get invincibility,
  • Audio and SFX

So there is still a lot to do before we can complete the basic game. I am happy with the results so far although I wish the scripting could progress at a more rapid rate. kiteThere is talk of changing the players kite to a balloon.

I am not really for this change as it is going against my original concept. I know I must be flexible but this to me was the core of the concept – flying a kite. To change it to a balloon, to me means I failed in my design concept documentation. I do understand the reasons behind the change because as the game stands, the gaining height is visually confusing. I shall persist to keep the kite but shall also bow to majority and do-ability.

Introducing Space Shooter
The beginning…..

I admit, I got carried away with my Roller Ball game and wanted to develop it more but it is important to get back to my goal and plan. It was easy to get carried away as it was one of my first solo projects that actually worked the way I wanted it to, sure it was raw, rudimentary, crude and at times a juxtaposition of all kinds of ugly but hey it worked and yeah I am feeling a lot less shame.
Therefore I have decided to leave the Roller Ball game for now and start the next project which is the Space Shooter. After all there is still much to learn and time is ticking.
I have already started making the game and have noticed already that I am not taking as long to figure things out. I still ran into a few issues and dramas, which had me confused, frustrated and near tearing my hair out, but upon calming down, found all the issues and resolved them. Wahoo!! That’s a win!
I used the Unity 5.5.1 and Visual Studio to make this game. I did not make any actual assets in this one, but downloaded the free pack available from the asset store. The tutorial I followed is of course provided by Unity itself and is in the link below:
Space Shooter Tutorial.

Making an object (space ship) move.




I don’t know why I had to declare a public float speed and assign a value in the script for the space shooter when I could adjust the speed in the inspector, but in my Roller Ball game, I did not have to assign a value in the script but changed it in the inspector. The roller ball script work fine, whilst with the space shooter if I did not assign a value in the script, the spaceship would not move, even if made the speed value very high.
Brady helped me through that section so that I could get the ship to move. It sort of makes sense but I still don’t understand why there was a difference. Must find out more.


Setting boundaries of screen so that spaceship does not disappear from view off screen.


To do this we had to use a ‘clamp’ function to restrict values between a minimum and a maximum but the script is not the most efficient and useful as a whole.

This method means that the max and min values were restricted and not available outside this script.




Adding Projectile Firing

As this is a new thing I have had to add to a game by myself I thought it prudent to discuss here.
I had to create the projectile first and turn this into a prefab. To do this I imported the asset into the scene. I then had to adjust the capsule collider so that it just covered the laser bolt, I did this by changing around the values in the inspector. A collider is a component of an object that detects collisions with other objects and their colliders.
projectile_mover_scriptThe script was quite simple and quick to write. Once I had added the necessary components I then dragged the Laser bolt from the scene hierarchy and placed it in the Prefab folder in the Project section.
This now turned the bolt into a prefab that can be used throughout the game and if I change anything in the prefab then all the laser bolts in the game are changed as well.shotspawn_unity_view
Now that the laser bolt has been created how do I control or fire the laser?
To do this I then had to create an empty game object in the hierarchy and label it Shot spawn. I then drag the Shot spawn and parent it with the player,making it a child of the player object. In the scene view I reset the Shot spawn win the transform and then moved it to the front of the ship. The z-axis value was 1.25.
I then had to add to the Player Controller script. New public and private variables were created including shot, shot spawn, fire rate and next fire. The shot was then controlled by the Fire 1 input key and once pressed the script set it up so that the shot spawns in the shotSpawn position and disappears off-screen after being fired.
Once all this was done, all scripts saved and all changes in the scene saved, I ran the game and wallah was rewarded with a moving and firing spaceship.
spaceship_firing_unityviewSo that is it for the first part of my Space Shooter. I learnt the following in this section of the game, some of which I did not go into details but none the less still received knowledge and know how:
• How to change the screen aspect and layout. The layout it this game is taller than my Roller Ball game.
• I learnt how to use clamps to restrict and keep values between a minimum and a maximum so that I could keep the spaceship within the boundaries of the game. I also reduced how far the spaceship could go forward so that it cannot reach the top and possibly get wiped out by an enemy that spawns.
• I learnt how to serialise something so that it is available outside the script it was written in. I did this with the boundaries of the game.
• I learnt how to create a projectile prefab and how to make it fire from a certain position at a desired fire rate.

Not a bad outcome for this session. When I say not a bad outcome, I really mean that I am so bloody well happy with the result and feel even stronger now that I can get this scripting guff. Still a long way to go on the journey but I feel my steps are getting stronger and it is no longer some sort of death march journey but now more of a hike through a national park. Sure its gonna be strenuous and difficult at times, but the many interesting and beautiful things you see, are all part of the reward.

That is all for now. Thank you so much for your company, I sincerely hope you gained some value from this. Until next time:

God’s blessings upon you in abundance.

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