Win with the Wind Play-test 1 Review and Photo Showcase – Abstract Look at Things


playtest1 screenshotPlay-test was carried out on the 12th April 2017 starting at 12.30 and ending approximately 1.30pm.
18 Participants
Testers were given a build with:

  • functioning kite
  • spawning enemies represented by colour dots.
  • spawning wind gusts represented by yellow squares.
  • boost (swoop) meter power ups gained from the wind gusts above.
  • swoop function which drained boost (swoop) meter.
  • start button
  • pause button
  • deaths restart button

Video Observations & Feedback

  • Players were confused as what to do. They ran into the hazards at first until realising the circles were bad and the squares good.
  • Players did not use the swoop button much.
  • Players were able to stay at the top of the screen indefinitely without using the swoop meter at all.

+ve Players did like the background and kite art style.
+ve Once players understood the rules, they were able to fly the kite longer and were       more entertained.

Form Questionnaire Feedback

Q1: Please describe how it felt using the kite to catch wind gusts and avoiding obstacles/hazards.

The general consensus was that the players did not even know there was such a thing as wind gusts. As the player could gain height by simply pressing the up key there was no real point in catching wind gusts.
The players generally found it fun and somewhat challenging avoiding the hazards.
Lack of placeholder art confused players as to what was a wind gust.

Players could just stay at the top of the screen and use lateral screen wrapping to avoid obstacles without using swoop meter or wind gusts.

Q2: What did you find most challenging when gaining height?

The general consensus was that dodging the obstacles was the most challenging.
When height was gained some players felt they had no need to lose height to pick up wind gusts or to dodge anything.

Q3: Please describe a time when you decided not to use the swoop?

The general consensus is that many players did not have to use the swoop as by using up the swoop meter the player died so there was no point in swooping or using up the swoop meter. Obstacles were mainly easy to dodge and the use of lateral screen wrapping made it no point in using.

Moving forward from here

Now according to the feedback from the playtests we need to do the following:

1. Build and insert all art assets.

  1. Find and insert all SFX.
  2. Discuss with audio for music and insert.
    Scripting & Build
  3. Behaviour of all bonuses, enemies and obstacles/hazards to be scripted as per feature spec document.
  1. Bird 1 flies from side to side of screen.
  2. Bird 2 appears and swoops towards player.
  3. Kite 1 flies from side to side of screen.
  4. Kite 2 appears and swoops towards player.
  5. Light aircraft, Commuter Jets and Jumbo jets fly from one side of screen to the other in straight line but at different speeds.
  6. Storm clouds move from side to side of screen.
  7. Wind gusts appear randomly and  push/blow the players kite upwards as well as fills the swoop meter.
  8. Swoop meter depletes as button is pressed and players kite swoops towards direction of joystick.
  9. Bonus letters appear randomly spelling the word KITE and once all collected give the player immunity for 30 seconds.
  1. Menus and UI need to be designed and built.
    a) Start menu with Start, Quit, Leaderboard, Instructions/Help and
        Credits buttons.
  2. b) Pause menu with quit and resume game buttons.
  3. c) UI’s with timer, and height.

Generally I feel the game looked good and some of the functionality was there. I feel players generally enjoyed the experience and I was also pleased that not everyone enjoyed the game and felt bored. This was from only one or two testers (11%) but this was because the game wasn’t completed yet and besides, flying kites is not for everyone I guess.
My thoughts
If we can get functioning using the gusts to gain height, to fill the swoop meter this will really give the players a sense of flying. It will make using the swoop button relevant and crucial for gaining height as well as dodging hazards. Will also be more challenging.
Remove the up button function to gain height.
To give that feeling we will have to enable the screen to move up and down until the player reaches the height objective or hits the ground.


There’s been a lot of posts from me all about serious educational, learning stuff, which believe me is great cos I finally am getting that passionate feeling back about something. My mind is pretty much obsessed now with getting my scripting right so I can start producing the games I want.
But it is good to have a break now and then, take a step back, relax, rethink, refocus and recharge.
So to give you all a lil break as well here’s another showcase post.
I thought I would post and display some of the shots I have taken of everyday objects or objects in nature, but from a different angle and perspective. See if you can guess what is what….

15th August 2015 Hint: No facing a day without this.



30th May 2015 Hint: Turning me on full force makes it bubble more.


14th April 2014 Hint: A dash of this stops it sticking.


13th March 2014 Hint: Illumination brightens your day.


13th March 2014 Hint: Letting this sit, produces its own life.


16th February 2014 Hint: Fry up left overs.


washingdinner plate.PNG
4th February 2014 Hint: It’s use is done, now this before putting away.
wavesonthe rocks.PNG
5th January 2014 Hint: I crashed upon the rocks.


25th October 2013 Hint: Awwwww come on, this is easy.


6th April 2016 Hint: Related to the first, every day needs to start with this.

Well that’s all for now. Hope you have a go at guessing what these photos are of. Everyday occurrences, everyday things but just looked at differently.
Thank you for your time and company, til next time.

God’s blessings upon you all.


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