Roller Ball – Build 2 Before Playtest!

Level1Final.PNGWell its done. First game down in my plan. I must admit, I did spend a lot more time on this, to the point of obsession where I wanted to add and do so much more but it was just a project, a task that needed to be done in order for me to clock up some time practicing. It was no doubt a fun project and one in which I began to feel that I had a real chance of getting my head around scripting. This game is rudimentary to say the least but it works and after only 1 weeks work, I am pleased with the effort and outcome.
Level2.PNGI ended up with three levels and wanted to include platforms that moved along the X and Z axis, but could not get the character sphere to stay on the platforms as they traveled left to right or forward or back. I will have to try to solve this issue and hopefully it gets addressed in later game projects or of course I will seek assistance.
Level3Final.PNGI did get help to set up the timer as well as the Intro and Level Manager, I will always be grateful for my tutor and Mitchell as well!!
IntroMEnu.PNGAs the self-imposed project is now complete, it is prudent to talk about what happened, how and why it happened, and what I can do to prevent it in the future.
Overall the project did go well. I could follow the tutorial on the Unity website, but I also could improvise and create my own scripts using the knowledge I gained from the tutorial. There is still a long way to go but the first few steps have been taken.
The area that went wrong was scripting….again. Well more specifically I could not create and script the horizontal moving platforms. I could get them to move in the direction I wanted but I could not get the player character sphere to stay on the platforms. I did try to research the issue through the forums and other avenues but due to the time constraints, I had to remove them from the game.
How do I prevent that from happening in the future? Practice, practice and more practice building and creating games. I aim to start the next tutorial tomorrow and am looking forward to it. By following my plans as discussed in my TSSK meeting, I am sure I will conquer this scripting dragon and turn it into a nice manageable unicorn.
Level1Play2Well that’s all for now. I have uploaded a copy of the game to my itchio account if anyone wants to try it.
Roller Ball

I shall do some play testing and then make changes and improvements where I can, time permitting.

Thank you all for your time and company. I sincerely hope you got something out of it. Till next time.

God’s blessings upon you.


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