Goals and Plans – For ME!

Well despite my apprehension the TSSK (Testis-Specific Serine Kinase, oops I meant Transferable Soft Skills Keynotes? Some thing like that) meeting went very well. Now I know I had no reason to feel nervous, but it is part of an assessment which came in the form of a meeting, so irrational fears tend to rise in most people. Also my first search on the net brought up the Testis thingymajig, which led to very scary reading. Anyways lets continue….

We all have dreams, goals and aspirations but many of us don’t reach them because we fail to plan. In my days as a Hire a Hubby franchisee, we were stressed that if you do not have a plan, then you are planning to fail. Part of that plan is of course to have goals, but not only have a goal but where is that goal recorded. It is not good enough to say it’s in my head cos if it’s up there it will get lost and forgotten or put to the way side by all the other stuff that rattles around in your head.

Dreams are useful but don’t provide a path to achievement

If you do not have a record of this goal somewhere else then you are putting it in the dream category. Dreams are not real and will not help you in actually achieving the goal outright, they are great for inspiration and motivation but will not get you anywhere in the long run.


I stopped writing my goals down due to fear of failure, my rationale was that if I didn’t write them down, then they weren’t goals and so I couldn’t fail. So instead my life became an endless pursuit of a dream without any real way of obtaining that dream. There was no plan, no structure, no idea of actually getting there, thus regulating me to the realm of the average person, one who just survives and gets by. That’s not for me, no way. So this is myself going out on a limb, by actually writing this, I am committing myself to not only a goal, but also a plan to that goal. So here goes….

Tomorrow is too late!

Goal 1 – Improve Programming
Plan 1
a) Do a Unity tutorial. Complete the following 

A building does not get built in a day and does not start without a plan.


  • Roller Ball
  • Space Shooter
  • Survival Shooter
  • Tanks Tutorial
  1. b) Post a dev diary after each tutorial is completed.

c) Seek help if any section of the tutorial does not work. Do not get frustrated but ask questions.




Goal 2 – Improve Knowledge of AR and VR

Plan 2

  1. Research AR and VR aspects every week.
  • Sign up to AR and VR info websites and newsletters
  1. b) Post a blog a week about research done and different applications of AR and VR
  • Tetris helping PTSD victims.
  • VR for burn victims.
  • Glasses for Stargardt disease
  • Etc etc
  1. c) Research companies in Brisbane who make VR and AR games and other applications

Now I will stick to these two goals for now as I do deem them to be the most important for now. I do have a long-term goal of gaining employment in the industry as well as forming my own game company one day but that will be addressed in due time. These goals and plans above will help me achieve those longer term goals.
It’s no use having goals if you have no end date. Therefore the two goals and subsequent plans are what I would like to follow and achieve by the end of this Trimester. So by end of trimester I should have (will have) completed:

  1. 4 tutorial games completed. Will actually like more but will see how far I get.
  2. 4 Dev diaries on the 4 game tutorials completed.
  3. 6 Blogs on AR and VR applications.
  4. . Research document on at least 4 VR & AR companies in Brisbane.

Now I have a study calendar so I will designate set times, realistic times, taking into account any outside influences or responsibilities that may interfere such as work. This schedule will have to be flexible as different things may pop up, but I aim to commit the same amount of time each week to each goal and plan.
By making this a blog post, then I am making me accountable to others in my life, who will motivate me, nag me, hassle me, follow-up on me, support me, and of course celebrate with me. It also makes me put my ‘money where my mouth is’, pushing and prodding me to achieve as there now entails some personal pride.

Let the games begin…

Thank you for your time and interest. I look forward to seeing you again.

God’s blessings and peace upon you.


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