AR & VR – A Whole New Reality

Since I first started playing computer games and watched the tech, the quality and the variety improve over the many many years, I always imagined a time when one could 20170328_152401really immerse themselves in a game experience, and short of actually dying they could really live it. I was an avid collector of Commando comics, owning over a 1000 of them at least, and have read them so many times that pretty much by holding up a cover, I can give you details of the story within. Sorry I went of point there, probably just trying to show off my collection.
In the Commando comics they started to create a few story lines concerning the use of VR to replace all warfare. So that in the future instead of people actually being killed, they instead fought in VR and settled any disputes that way. Utopian, fanciful, wishful thinking? Maybe but a great concept if we could pull it off.

This brought to my attention for the first time about this thing called VR, and now even AR. Well firstly what is VR and AR and what is the difference between the two. In this post I aim to find out for myself cos this is an area of the industry I would really like to get into and develop more. This is the first time ever in history that we have the tech and means of actually immersing a player in a total experience.With my mind and it’s fertile imagination, I see the possibilities and applications as endless and already I am seeing gaming tech being used to make peoples lives better, but more about that at another date. Back to the question…
VRDefinitionVirtual Reality Society UK
Now what is AR? Lets hope I can find an AR society online, makes research so much easier with this interweb thingy.
ARDefenitionWell unfortunately no AR society or anything like that so had to fall back on ‘good old reliable but I would still check facts elsewhere’ Wikipedia.
So there you have it. AR is using technology to augment or supplement the users world or reality, whilst VR uses technology to create a new reality that one perceives is real.
whatdoesthatmeantomequestionWell for me this means a helluva lot!14063198_1257479514296532_442646933_n
The applications for this recent and newer tech is boundless and it continues to be applied in many different ways performing different functions to make the user’s reality easier or to change it completely.

I am excited!


This was the first of hopefully many posts on this topic as it is an area I really want to get into, and to do that I need to do more research, immerse myself in the technology and industry. I want to live and breath VR so that yeah,maybe one day I can finally have my own piece of reality.

That’s all for now, thank you for your company.
Till next time
God’s Peace and Blessings upon you.


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