Up Ship Creek

We have been working on and developing a board game supplemented with AR and possibly smart phone companion app. The theme of the game is 1960’s retro spaceship travelling through space where three players must interact with each other and the AR to complete a set of tasks to complete the journey without dying or other penalties.
We were split into teams and I was stoked to be attached to team 1 which had a good range of skills and talents, so I was excited. We then had to come up with our own story line and interactivity between players and AR, and players and players. I was assigned to write our team plot and goal for our ‘expansion pack’ version of the game. But first the….

The Pitch
For my section of the pitch, I was in charge of introducing the base story and the player characters. I used Google Slides to create a slide show.googleoption
In all honesty I have only been using power points since starting study. I never had a real use for it before in my previous life but did find it quite easy to use and with a bit of imagination one can create quite an entertaining and informative slide show presentation. Not that I am saying my slide show presentation wasn’t entertaining but there were a few issues with the music and the speed of which the slides were shown, so I missed describing the player characters in more detail. The RAIN Presentation. There was a pretty funky theme sound track as well which I downloaded from freesound.org but it is not playing for some reason. It’s a pity cos it was pretty funky!!
My section of the presentation was pretty dismal to say the least, in the fact that I failed to deliver key information which left my team open to many probing questions and some cold feedback. A lesson for the future methinks.
Anyways I digress.
Other than writing the story and the crisis events and event flow, I also had to create the crisis cards. I used the template in the folder as a guide but went ahead and created my own. I changed the design once to improve the appearance and presentation of information before being somewhat satisfied with the final result.
crisiscardThe crisis event cards were created using Microsoft Word and my own Instagram account for the photos. I had to convert them to a PDF because Microsoft Word does not play well with Google Docs.
I had to create place holder videos for the AI narrative which was nerve wracking but none the less quite fun to do. I used my go pro, my bathroom for acoustics and a LED lantern for effects when filming the scripts. Even though I am familiar with scripts due to varied and checkered amateur appearances in various drama productions I still had to do some research to specifically confirm the layout I was required to use when writing them. I used How to Write a Script to get an idea. Here are two of my 11 videos that I had to produce and film for the project. Intro Video and Virus Intro video Thankfully no one had to see them during play testing as there is something abhorrently unusual when one has to watch themselves appear on a screen. It must be tough being an actor.

As I progress through this course as well as in my career, I will no doubt be utilising more sophisticated tools create assets, levels, presentations and other items that are valuable for my new chosen trade. I would have liked to have designed the board layout and appearance but that will be handled by the more than capable graphic arts students in our college. I look forward to a look and play with the competed version. Its been a long and at times very tiring process, filled with frustration at times as the design group was very large (which would not be usual) as it was a class group project as well. This just meant at times the decision process was very long at times. If I ever have to use such a large group in the future I would split up the class into the following groups:
♠ Plot and characters group
♣ Board Layout and Resource Cards group
♥ AR/Programming group
♦ Rules/mechanics and balancing group
This would hopefully streamline the process and eliminate the time for valuable but at times not time productive discussions. But like I said before it was a very large group and although an interesting and valuable exercise, I do not see it as standard practice in the field.
We still have a bit more work to do, and we have been split up into volunteer groups to help out with final changes, balancing and design feature decisions which will progress for another few weeks before we get to see the final game. How exciting!!
I shall keep you all informed.
Thank you for your company. Until next time.

Peace and blessings.


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