Life of An Expressionist

Yes, you are unique, awesomely weird but,
You are not alone in your world.
There are a silent many, tormented by their own demons,
Existing through the sheer love and Grace of God.
Or many quite sadly, exist through their sheer will and strength alone.
Definitely these are way stronger than me.
For I cannot survive without God or prose.

Sickened by what we see humanity committing,
Easier to give into fear, hate and loathing,
But yet  continuing to love.
Unconditionally but damn that’s so hard at times.
Non judgmental, but damn that’s near impossible at times.

You fear that you shall give in and join the human pack,
That your soul will see, will feel too much.
Bursting like a dam,
An outpouring of anger, frustration and rage.
Forever cursing all who live in this age.

So really one, we, have no choice,
but to write,
to express,
to pray,
Oh yes, most definitely pray.

The expression through ink,
the venting of the soul.
Releases the pressure.
The praying, well the praying.

Tis the life of those with the knowledge of prose.
Expressionism, creativeness and passionate soul.
Sometimes a curse,
hopefully a blessing.


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