Berzerker Insomnias Post Mortem

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How did I do?


We were given the brief where we had to redesign and build a version of Berzerk and by using an artist as inspiration. My artist and works  I was assigned was Dorothea Tanning and her Insomnias series of paintings. So in essence I had to reboot Berserker in a surrealist style by thrusting a female protagonist into a dream like environment that is actually more nightmarish in nature.
This is a post-mortem on how the creation and build of the game went and what went right and wrong and how I can change the outcome in another project or if had to repeat this one. There were essentially a few key items that need to be discussed and these are:
➽ Scheduling – setting aside sufficient time. Using the time effectively.
➽  Self Confidence – not knowing how to use certain tools leads to hesitation.
➽ Knowledge/Skill – Lack of skills and knowledge to implement ideas.
These three areas are different but all link up with a common underlying core.


Time management always plays a major factor in anything we seek to achieve. In order to deliver a product as promised and assured, one must have a good, if not excellent handle on Time Management.
What went wrong?
Fell behind schedule and milestones as set in Hack n Plan.
Why did it happen?
The times allotted to some tasks were vastly underestimated. By not allowing sufficient time for some tasks meant that milestones were not met and consequently more pressure built up as time ran out.
How do I ensure it doesn’t happen again?
Stick to the allotted times, as this is not the first project I have been involved in I do know what tasks I am good at and what tasks I need improvement. I did think I allocated enough time but did get carried away in thinking about and implementing the design concept and in this case whilst the game concept was sound, I did only end up creating art. One of the biggest time wasters is finding correct information and tutorials. To try to counter this, I have scheduled in times that are set aside to do different tutorials brushing up on my skills.

Self Confidence

Self confidence is an ability that has such varying degrees of levels within everybody. It is an integral part, a core belief for anyone wanting to truly succeed in their chosen endeavour. It is a skill that can be very difficult to achieve, let alone master.
What Went Wrong?
The lack of confidence in being able to complete certain tasks relegated them to the last ones and last-minute tasks. Putting of the least desirable for as long as possible. This is all very well, if you have the time but unfortunately in an assignment scenario, every minute is precious. This led to many of these tasks not being completed due to running out of time.
Why did it happen?
Why do I have lack of confidence? Hard to answer. Well I guess it’s more to do with not wanting to appear a fool, so it’s better to remain silent than to speak and confirm a fool you are attitude than anything else. It’s also discomfort in acknowledging that you are in an unfamiliar situation and at times are groping around like a blind mouse hoping not to get your tail chopped off. Most of this stems from lack of knowledge and lack of skills.
How do I ensure it doesn’t happen again?
Practice, practice, research, research, practice, practice. Turn weaknesses into strengths by committing the time to learn and practice until they develop into strengths.

Walking out of Emergency Department confidently!!




Having the right tools is very important but only half the equation for creation. Along with the tools, one must have the relevant knowledge and skills of how to utilise and get the best and most efficient use of those tools.
What went wrong?
The final build could not be accomplished as I could not get any of my scripts to work without incurring the dreaded compile errors. It was frustrating to not be able to get the game to even run due to the errors, and usually involved deleting scripts, removing script components and basically starting over, time and time again.
Why did it happen?
My lack of knowledge and my lack of self-confidence when it comes to scripting. This in turn leads to frustration which then produces a big red wall against the brain and nothing happens.
How do I ensure it doesn’t happen again?
I have set aside more time to learn and practice, practice, practice on tools such as Unity, Fungus, as well as committing time to learn building assets and sprite skills. This is essentially the key to all that is going wrong with my projects when it comes to creating a functioning game. Desperately working to turn this around as I do see the value of being able to script well. It puts more power into my hands when it comes to creating a game.

If I am truthful with myself I do consider this project to be a failure. I failed to deliver a functioning game. To end on this note though, would be remiss of me for failing to mention my successes and breakthroughs that although small in the grand scale of things, they are small steps, small blocks that go into the giant pyramid of game development and success in the field.
I did have a lot of success in being able to build the levels and make them look somewhat decent and attractive.
In the past I tried to cram in as much as possible, I am putting into the practice of ‘less is more’ concept. 

I do know more of how to make sprites and turn them into prefabs.

I do know more about particle effects and how to change their appearance and other elements. Also made a halo around an object for the first time.

My knowledge of scripting has increased. I consider myself still way behind the eight ball but am happy with what I have learned. I just need to increase the time spent learning so that the skill increases quicker.
I have had a mindset change where I am thinking more along the lines like a game developer. After working one day with a friend in my old career in the middle of the heat wave, I definitely was motivated and definitely answered the question of why I am doing this degree.

I still have a way to go in design, a fair more to go in knowing my tools and a lot more way to knowing my scripting but I am also quietly confident that I will achieve. By setting up times every week to practice and learn these tools and gaining the knowledge, my journey although arduous and challenging, still remains exciting and enjoyable.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your company again soon.
Peace and BLessings



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