Photo Showcase-Flowers

I have always enjoyed using that wonderful invention used to capture moments. Forever freezing them in time so that in years from now we can look back and be transported back in time to those wonderful moments.
From the moment I got my first camera which for the life of me I can’t recall the model but I do remember it was a Kodak and it used those 110 films with the cubed flash which could only be used four times. Oh we took very few photos that needed a flash back then.

Unfortunately once I went to boarding school, I never really pursued the pleasure until the invention of the smartphone. For the first time in history, the opportunity to capture magical, wonderful or even horrid and sad occasions for eternity is in the hands of just about everyone. Whilst this can for the most be a good thing, there are many of course who will abuse the magic and bombard us with many an unwanted mentally unerasable images, and I am not just talking about the endless selfies by some. Although selfies in themselves is not a bad thing, as a healthy love for oneself is important, but rather it is the volume of selfies that could be an issue, but hey that’s my 2 cents worth. Nuff said!!

Anyways I just wanted to do some showcases of my photography. I am strictly amateur and use nothing but a Samsung Note 5 and the editing functions on Instagram or other downloadable apps.

My inspiration is the macro world, where the beauty is in the intrinsic details of the flora and fauna around us. Inner space to me is an endless world of reality that can be turned into fantasy through my games one day. Hope you enjoy these few examples. You can also check out my Instagram link to the top right on my home page. Thank you for your time.

Peace and blessings.

First Flower pic posted on Instagram 3rd November 2013 . Orchards always appear to me as brightly colored aliens.
Posted 12th November 2015 The Frangapini one of my favorite flowers as it will always remind me of where I grew up, Rabaul, PNG. Sweet memories.
Posted 17th January 2016 See the alien in this orchid, watch out for this guy making an appearance in a game one day.
Posted 13th February 2016. Love this pic as it was whilst I was on a night out with the unicorns and captured this. Reminds me of jellyfish or nerve endings or something like that instead of the plant it is. Well in my mind it look liked that anyways. 😉
Posted 7th May 2016. The start of my foray into trying to capture my details close up combined with some simple color editing.
Posted 29 June 2016. As close as I could get. Love the eruption of color from within.
Posted 17th November 2016. Another colorful alien that may appear again one day.
Posted 9th October 2016. Loved the green in this and how the flowers were disguised.
Posted 15th December 2016. An explosion of red.
Posted 18th December 2016. A simple grass flower. So small but so much going on in such a small space.

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