Sheer Folly?

I would like to see and feel,
Whats going on inside others heads,
For then I could help understand and help heal.
For then I could see whats wrong and give them love instead.

Empathetic I know part off I do consist,
Sympathetic I know does abide in me,
But I would like that further reaching ability to persist.
For wouldnt I be able to ease others burdens consistently?

Or would I be driven around the bend and up the wall?
Cos what if all their thoughts were only consisted of hate?
Would I just be setting myself up for an almighty fall?
Would it all be in vain and simply just too late?

How many seek to have their thoughts filled with love and forgiveness?
How many seek to have to let go, feel inside that peace?
How many would rather hold onto hate and bitterness?
How many would rather keep feeding that raging ravenous beast?

But still despite these risks I would still rather like to try,
Even if it seems sheer madness, folly, an insane venture.
But surely even attempting to understand what others feel and why,
Is something better than nothing and surely worth the the adventure?



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