Gam 111 Part 6 Post Mortem

Part of Gam 111 this trimester was to create a state or event driven game according to the brief that we all helped decide in class one day.

We’ll be creating a simple state and event driven game. Refer to the Module Guide for Assessment Criteria.
Creative Limitations:
Must NOT be primarily driven by the physics engine’s dynamics and collision responses
Must have multiple types of interactions for players and agents to interact with.
Must make appropriate use of Messages and Events
Use SendMessage and UnityEvent or similar
2 Player turn based
Either alternating players or Player vs CPU
Overhead Camera
Can be 2D or 3D

Functioning game loop including Splash, Menu, Game, Win/Loss and Credits
Comprehensive use of particles and sfx for player feedback
Submit to campus online before due date. Also strongly recommend uploading it to your account.
You should make sure the assets you are using you have license to do so and include them in your game’s credits

Click and drag objects
Narrative / text things
Turn based tactics
Grid based movement
Cells have stats
Minor pathing
Units with attack types and strengths and weaknesses
Units stat customise screen
Economy and Resources
*Particle Effects
Directing Attacks or actions
Many UIs
Action queueing

This is my postmortem of my assignment and therefore introduce to the world my version of  Rogue: Defendtak/

I will be discussing the following areas:

  • Knowledge and skills.
  • Time Management and Scheduling.

Knowledge and Skills
What happened?
My skills in scripting are quite rudimentary and I am still learning and feeling my way through scripting. I wanted to make this Rogue like game from a tutorial and then change around the objects and assets to make the game perform differently. Once the tutorial was completed I wanted the following changes incorporated:
– Zombies to blow up and using particle effects to display an explosion on screen.
– More internal walls so that the character used more energy and health to get through.
– Create a special pick up that makes the player invincible for 10 moves.
– Add introduction cut scene and UI.
-Add start menu.

I ended up having trouble with the script and only just managed to get the tutorial completed through the help of Mathias (not my tutors name) who wonderfully and magically made my game operate in the basic way I wanted it to. I did not have any trouble with the actual scripts but some issues in the ‘Inspector’ which Mathias corrected for me.
I managed to change around the amount of internal walls by changing the following line:
‘public Count wallCount = new Count (10, 15); ‘
By changing the two numbers at the end, the game will spawn between 10 and 15 internal walls.
I changed around the board size by changing the following lines:
‘public int columns = 20;’
‘public int rows = 8;’
This changes the board size to 20 columns and 8 rows.
I ran out of time and couldn’t script the pick up making the character invincible for 5 moves. The lines I was looking to input were:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class player : MonoBehaviour {

    int health = 100;
    bool godMode = false;

    public void takeDamage(int dmg)
        if (!godMode)
            health -= dmg;

    public void startGodMode(float ten)

    IEnumerator godModeEnum(float ten)
        godMode = true;
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(ten);
        godMode = false;

I created a basic cut scene through Fungus, the free tool downloaded from the assets store.


I created a start menu using Fungus as well but it would not stay on screen long enough for player to select.
The game loaded automatically but the zombies weren’t functioning like I wanted them to.

Why did it happen?
There were two major factors contributing to the failure of this game being made and functioning in the way I wanted it to. These two factors are:
Health: I had a horrendous trimester when it came to my health. I won’t go into details, digress and bore everyone but busting all your ligaments in your ankle can really go a long way to upsetting ones schedule and goals.
Knowledge: As mentioned previously and repeatedly my knowledge of scripting is definitely a work in progress. I also need to be more familiar with Unity so that I know intimately all the workings and intricacies of this wonderful game engine.

How to ensure it does not happen again:
Well the goal now is to start from basic again. Over these holidays I will be reviewing all my lessons from Scripting 1. Over the break my goal and schedule is:
– Review Scripting 1 lessons and tutorials.
– Complete 1 game tutorial per week starting with the Roller Ball tutorial.
– Read and complete win_20161220_12_02_25_pro

I am confident that if I follow the above steps and put in the effort this break, I will be proficient in scripting and that will make me a better game developer. Although I will also say that as a designer if I should be able to explain what I want in the G.D.D so that a programmer can take that info and script what I need, but learning to script well will make me a better designer and developer. I have also prepared myself mentally in case I fail Gam111 and have to repeat. I don’t want to repeat the subject but if its written in fate, then so be it.

That’s all for now, thank you for your company.
Peace and blessings to you all.


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