The Journey Continues GAM 111 Part 5

The first part of this journey for this trimester through GAM 111 has come to an end with the submission of my first assignment and game I have been discussing for the past 5 blogs. Consequently this will be in the form of a postmortem about what went wrong and what went right, if any.


I can’t totally blame it, but being ill and under the weather really cost me in this assignment due to the loss of time. Missing two classes also didn’t help, but after 2 trips to emergency and too many visits to the doctor, am sort of happy I am still around and somewhat kicking, but disappointed I was not able to complete the game to a satisfactory level.

Could not and did not have enough time to set enemies to push, pull and explode.
Could not and did not have enough time to get prefab traps to function as rigid bodies.
Could not and did not have enough time to get health script added to player.
Could not and did not have enough time to set up traps to take health of player.

From this…..
To this……..corruption of file!!!!

What Would have really helped
A good working knowledge of Github and Sourcetree to save a version online away from my hard drive in case of corruption or issues. It works as a great back up option as well as tracking all the changes.

More knowledge of scripting so that I can complete making the grey box version of the game faster and then have more time to put in all the bells and whistles.

More knowledge of Unity and knowing all the built in features.

This wonderful crusher…..

How Do I Improve
Do some research as well ask class members and lecturer for assistance on how to use Source Tree and GitHub, or whatever other service is used. I do find that although we have been advised to use Source Tree and GitHub, there has been no real lesson, tutorial or workshop. I am not sure why this is done this way, maybe it’s all about being a uni student and one is supposed to be able to research and educate oneself, but there are some of us who need repeated lessons, as well as being talked through it. It maybe just me and maybe I am just a little slower than the rest, and also I think confidence also comes into it, or rather lack off, and besides I have digressed. Definitely more research required.

Scripting is something that I know is not one of my strong points and that is something I want to change. I have found some online courses from reputable and up to date sites that I have already started. I aim to pump out 3 games over the break, they aren’t going to be the next Battlefield or Tropico but smaller games that will build up my skill and my knowledge.
I have also prepared myself if I do fail scripting this trimester, and if truth be told, I feel that my knowledge is not at a sufficient enough level to proceed. This is probably more to do with the way my brain is wired rather than what is reality, but it is best to also prepare for the worse or at least the bad.

I still have the next assignment to go, which I aim to do better with and am already into the planning stages.

From now and over the holidays as part of the online training and tutorials for scripting as described above, will also cover Unity. I also have found a reputable site that starts from the basics and goes right through the engine. It says it will take about 50 hours to complete so for me I am guessing about 75. Once this is completed, I will quietly predict that my knowledge will be at a much higher level.


On saying what I have said earlier about my lack of scripting skills, I am actually surprised at what I actually know. Which is a lot more than I gave myself credit for. I also know where some good resources are as well as expertise help is. This help of course starts with my more than approachable lecturers but also extends to classmates as well as online resources. I did learn a lot building this game and it was a great disappointment I couldn’t get it working fully.

My knowledge of Unity although small at first, grew quite quickly as I progressed through the assignment. I was amazed at what I could create with just the engine itself before any scripts or even special animations or assets were imported or created. I did find myself thoroughly enjoying experimenting and trying out new things. There is a lot of assistance out there and I look forward to learning more.

Well that’s it for now.
Thank you so much for your company.
Have a great day and Blessings upon you.




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