Invasion in my head of Dreams

In the stillness of the night they invade.
Piercing the depths of the mind during its slumber.
Images, words penetrate the sanctity of sleep.
Figures, persons like a spectre fill my head.
Conversations, desperation trying to convince,
But alas in this scene, my words are moot.
Holding on, grasping to it with outstretched hands.
Pleading, begging but all to no avail.
Gone, gone, alas that has now gone past.
But yet still holding on, even if one tries not to.
Peace in my sleep i need it to reign.
Emptiness its not very nice to wake to pain.
Let go, let go the mind doth scream,
But that damn stupid heart just says no let me believe.
Contradictions, argumentation going on back and forth.
All in ghostly technicolor and with back up support.
Freedom, unrestrained let my thoughts run free.
Protect me from those demons who like to come visit me.



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