The Journey Continues GAM 111 Part 4

Well, ummmmmm no.

The journey has come to a somewhat halt at the moment. I won’t bore you with details but it’s suffice to say that this birthday year is seemingly turning out to be a real year of the medicals.
Consequently I have not done much, nor gone anywhere. Lasts blog was all positive and high,cos I was in la la land deliriously happy due to the pain medication unfortunately my body decided to go “Oh no you don’t!” and decided to regurgitate an old ailment related to my original life changing accident. So bed and sleep, old friends, old buddies and pals, we are going to be spending more time together again. May you bring me blessed relief within my dreams where I already am a successful game developer and never have to work again. Oh! Who am I kidding, I don’t dream, the pain killers pretty much shutdown everything.

Ok… I should at least talk about my game.


Noooo! I can’t, it hurts to even think and write this blog. As I type my left hand hurts from bursitis in one knuckle.
Now kiddies if you really wanna know pain, look up what bursitis is and pray you never ever experience it.

But I must go on at least for a few hundred more words, or Pierre (My tutor – not his real name) will not be happy and thus fail me, and believe me one trimester in his class is enough to strike fear in a game designers heart. Oh programmers love him of course (weird bunch programmers, but go figure huh!?) but as a designer his talk and speech is all foreign like, filled with wonderful and seemingly magical terms such as box colliders, transform, ray cast, and even procedural generation. I know right, all gobbly gook and I am sure part of the black arts, but who am I to judge right, we all have our flaws.

Yep, I definitely have digressed……addcomponent

Ok one thing I did manage to muck around with and experiment was particle system under the effects section. The Unity Engine lets you do so much with it, even before adding a script.


Its very easy to access. Once selecting the object you want to apply the effects to you, under ‘Add Component’ and under effects is the Particle System.
Once the component is added and you expand the editor, and then expand the editor again so that all the options are able to be seen, you are confronted with this:
particle-effectI know right!! How cool is this thing, sorry, particle system is going to be.
By playing around with the colours and gravity I could get my particles to rise vertically and almost give it a fire effect with the colour options. (Doh! I also realised shortly after that I could make the particles rise just by using the rotating tool)
making-fire-1So I decided to set myself a task. Try and create a fire effect.
I then clicked on the 3D start box and it allows you to change the particle spawn size and to how big it becomes as it goes further away. I also changed the shape from a cone to a box and changed the x, y, and z values.

After experimenting with some of the other settings including particle velocity over time, colour over lifetime as well as changing the values again in the ones I set earlier I ended up with this.
making-fire-4 There are still heaps more settings and values that I can adjust but unfortunately I can’t continue with this for now as my old pals are calling me and the pain killers are just not completely removing all traces of discomfort and pain so I must call it quits before I start waffling on like a delirious mental patient. What I can finish with is that I know that fire can be created using this particle system as I did find one that I used extensively in my game. But for the life of me I just cannot replicate at the moment and confound it, my game is not even loading up properly, so I need to now also rectify that but for now sleep calls.
For those who want to know more, and I know you all do, here is a few links to assist you:
Unity, Using Particle Systems  – Straight from the horses mouth to speak, Unity Manual.

YouTube – Particle Systems – Small tutorial on how to utilize Particle Systems


Thank you for your company.

Peace and Blessings


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