The Journey Continues GAM 111 Part 3


Like the sunshine illuminating this dark dense mass, my light bulb moment came at 1:30 am.

A moment of pure delight brought upon by a success in making something in the game move the way I want it to, coupled with the realization that I can do this!
That was a moment experienced late last night around 1.30 am when after hours of struggling to make the code work, it finally did. The movement and the motion I wanted was quite simple and to most programmers a walk in the park, but for me it was a breakthrough of sorts.

For it meant that I CAN DO THIS!!

As per my previous blogs here’s a few updates:

My ankle is healing but not fast enough for my liking. Its been 5 weeks and still a lot of angst. The back is worse than ever and pain is my constant companion. I have even caved in against my self-imposed rule of not taking pain killers. Mmmmmmmust admit that those little white pills for osteoarthritis, yellow ones for anti-inflammitory, and cream coloured ones for muscle relaxant are just the bomb, now excuse while I go kiss the sky ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

Now I thank the good Lord, I dont have osteoarthritis but damn, those pain medications are goooooooood although there are downsides and why I dont like pain medication. I don’t eat, so I lose weight, which in turns means I am more run down, a vicious cycle that just continuously perpetuates a living torment of ups and downs. Anyway once again I digress….and seemingly repeating myself. I blame the medication people’s!!

Back to my game…….enemy1-red-jellyenemy3-green-jelly

I have got all the enemies moving the way I want them to and need to work on their various attacks.

  • I am trying to set the green enemy so that they cannot look through walls.
  • I am trying to get the green enemy to explode on contact and slow the player down.
    • Need to use instantiate explosion command. How to make an enemy explode
    • I still am not sure of how to make it so that when the enemy explodes it slows the player.
    • More research required.
  • I cannot get the pusher enemy to repel or push the player into the traps.
    • Have to apply a force amount on the rigid bodies. Repelling an object
    • More research required.
  • I cannot get the huggers enemy to attract or pull the player into the traps.
    • Haven’t worked out how to add an attracting force to the enemy, either by making or using gravity or what? Attracting an object
    • More research required.

Crusher Platform and traps:trap-crusher

  • I am trying to give the traps strength and the ability to take health from the player.
  • I have attached a health script but it does not seem to be working.  Grrrrrrrrr!!!


The elevators are moving up and down like I wanted. I was trying to put in the script a timing section, but it worked out easier to just set each elevator platform at different heights to start. Need to add rigid body and so that when the platform touches the player object, the player object loses health.

First Level:
The first level is laid out the way I want it. The exterior walls and interior walls are functioning like I want them to as solid objects. The lava prefabs and shaders have been applied to the interior walls and floor, giving the look I was after. If I have time I would actually like to make the walls all flames that hurt the player.

Moving Forward:

Once I get the enemies to carry out their attack and abilities, I pretty much am on the downhill slope to finishing. For the next two levels all the elements will be the same but arranged differently.
I still have to add the effects of shrinking the player to get through a maze and then returning the player to the normal size, which will be introduced as a new element in level 2.
In level 3, I aim to introduce a low gravity area to compliment and add to the elements and objects already created.
Scripting is still a challenge, but I do have a new-found confidence and am eager to learn more. If my health can stay in check, then I am quietly, ok, ok, meekly confident that I can pass this trimester.

Thank you for your time.
Have a great day.
Blessing and peace upon you.


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