The Journey Continues… Gam 111 Part 2

My second blog post for Gam111, and I will readily admit that my attitude has changed somewhat. Although I still get frustrated with scripting, I must admit that my fear and frustration at it has somewhat dissipated. I was looking at scripting the whole wrong way, I actually started to fear it and dread going to classes or having anything to do with the subject. This in turn formed a mental block in my brain so that if anything about scripting was discussed, my brain went into block out mode. It took being thrust into the deep end and learning to very quickly swim or at least tread water. It also took a few jibes and barbs from some of the ‘younglings’ I unfortunately have to be stuck in a classroom with. Denying my urges to choke the living ‘shite’ out of them, I turned it around and used it as motivation to teach myself and learn more in class. So now that the mental hurdle and blockage has been cleared by a good dosing of ‘self-draino’ I look forward to this journey through scripting.
Some updates from last blog:
Health issues – Well ankle is still causing problem and issues but it is healing albeit a lot slower than I want it to. I still need to see a chiro and physio to straighten my hip and put my bones back into place as well as some much-needed deep tissue kneading of my muscles to remove the many knots. I hope to book appointments within the next week as I am growing weary from the constant pain. (See blog: I Don’t Want to Handle it!) All this is just another legacy from my run in with a garbage truck whilst on a motorbike many, many years ago. I am used to pain somewhat, but there are times its constant barrage does get you down.  Meanwhile pain killers are in place of regular standard meals and weight loss is again on the cards. Dang it, how come I fluctuate with weight? Anyways I digress…I am on the mend, I know what I have to do and will get it done, so my mind is free to study.
Knowledge – well as stated in the beginning of this blog, my mind is now open and eager to absorb any information, skills, lessons, tips and tricks that are required to become a proficient programmer. I am now spending a bit of time in Unity experimenting and learning how scripting works and is applied.

Now back to GAM 111

I have a brief:


We’ll be creating a simple 3D physics game. It will incorporate previous learnings from the rapid prototypes we have created. Refer to the Module Guide for Assessment Criteria.

Creative Limitations:

  • Must be non-trivial 3D game space
    • If you really want, it can be side on but still needs to be a 3D space
  • Must have multiple levels
  • Player object must be controlled via physics
  • Player must move through several discrete states eg
    • Big
    • Small
    • Sticky
    • Slippery
    • Bouncy
    • Low Grav
  • Game must have collectables that the player finds to either complete the level or to get a higher score for the level
  • SFX and Music
  • Stationary and Moving Hazards eg
    • Thomps
    • Spike pit
    • Elevator

Now that I have a brief, I have written out a brief description of what I want or would like to create. Must try to remember to keep it simple and not over scope.

My idea:

The player is in a walled arena with hallways and various openings in the walls for the player to go through or for an enemy to attack through. Traps are scattered throughout the levels to kill player.gamescreenshot1

Game play:

The player moves around through corridors and hallways avoiding enemies and if seen then destroying them by shooting as the player moves towards the goal Using the mouse to look, the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot. Your gun has limited ammo of only 6 bullets and it takes two shots to kill an enemy.

Enemy 1 will draw you off course with ‘hugging’ an attraction force towards itself, to pull you into a spike trap.

Enemy 2 will push you off course with ‘pushing’ a repelling force away from itself, into a Thomper (Hammer) trap.

Enemy 3 can fly and will seek you out if they can see you, once the enemy sees you it will lock onto you and explode coating you in a sticky goo which slows you down.
Thomper trap – Large hammer that pounds player removing health.

Spike trap – Array of spikes that stab player removing health.

Crusher – Moving platform with spikes that crush player removing health.

Fire – Fire walls and fire pits will burn player removing health.

Okay now that the brief, my idea, the game play, the enemies and traps have now been decided, the next step starts, building and coding.

In my next blog I will present my schedule and estimated time of works and completion along with my progress on getting the enemies and traps to function the way I want them to – which means scripting!

That’s all for this post. My journey has started and hopefully I can get to the other side without losing it or choking the crap out of someone.
See you again soon.

Until then….Peace and Blessings upon you.


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