The Journey Begins for GAM111

This is the start of my blogs for my Scripting II class detailing my journey trying to get my head around learning and applying knowledge (if any) that I have learnt. Forgive me for these blog posts cos with my current thought patterns, I cant help but feel it going to be boring as hell.

I can’t help but scream in frustration in my mind that I in fact have to do this crap, when I have no desire to become a programmer or even have anything to do with it. My future is running my own gaming company where like my construction and handyman business in my old life, I intend to hire, ‘subbie’ out or outsource any of my programming.BUT!!


It’s a big ‘but’! I am under no illusion that I know it all, and in order to get to that point where a mere piece of paper determines my future and opens doors for me, I must jump through the hoops like a trained seal for now. So let’s make a start:


Firstly – Issues to overcome.

  • Health – ankle busting my ankle whilst playing Battlefield 4 one merry night after taking my well deserved break from studying. No broken bones, just smashed ligaments but it has offset and aggravated my existing injuries so now I am back in that world of constant pain, which is draining, so bloody draining. to top it off, the Australian government won’t even recognize it as a combat wound – DANG NABIT!!!
  • Health – Ever since my birthday in September, its seems it is The Year of the Medical for me. I have been in and out of emergency departments and doctors surgeries more times than I care to remember. Whats more, why is it whenever I go to the doctors, I end up waiting past my appointment time, and then when I finally get to see the doctor, I seem to be out in 5 minutes or so. Always feel like I am not getting my money’s worth. Anyways I am digressing……
  • Knowledge – well more specifically, my lack of knowledge of scripting. As I write this, I have to honestly admit that my scripting knowledge is nill. I have had tutoring and in fact, I only passed scripting last trimester through a lot of these private tutoring sessions. Learning a new language at this age is almost like pulling teeth and has put me in very unfamiliar territory. For the first time in my life there have been occasions where the tutor is speaking and my mind is blank, with clowns dancing, or a lone tumbleweed bounces through followed by the whistling of a coyote. I also have experienced that feeling of when your tutor just teaches you something and asks you about it five minutes later, and all you can do is stare blankly as crickets chirp in the background.


Now that my any issues have been listed, it is heartening to know that the issues above are able to be overcome and learning to script is very achievable. How? Well by implementing the following steps:

  1. Set time aside each week to explore and experiment with Unity.
  2. Start designing first assignment – simple 3D Physics based game with 3 levels. (What!!! 3 levels – full game!!Oh my ‘effing’ gosh!!………..calm down, deep breaths…serenity now!)
  3. Make a START!!

Before my next post I aim to have the following completed:

  1. Find out game brief.
  2. Game outline – whats it about, what is the goal/aim
  3. Gameplay – what the player has to do.
  4. Enemies List – What enemies and hazards/traps are going to be included.
  5. Plan schedule.

Thats all for this post. My journey begins and hopefully I can get to the other side without losing it or choking the crap out of someone.
See you again soon.

Until then….Peace and Blessings upon you.



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