The Darkness is my Friend..

The darkness is my friend,
Surrounded by the cloak, the shroud of night,
Whilst light, just seems to bring more end,
each day just filled with another unwinnable fight.

But when the lightness fades,
when the blackness pervades,
It seems all problems I can evade,
hidden, secure and safe under the darkness blade.

Each new day, hope it seems not to bring,
but more darkness and never ending,
so can you blame me when I chose to hide,
trying to get of this daily ride.

Embracing the darkness, the coolness of night I seek,
where all is quiet, silence and peace it reeks.
Hiding away, not wanting to leave,
burying head in the sand, desperate for some relief.

Half a man, a measure of naught,
Pathetic, useless unable to be taught.
Provider? huh! what an unfunny joke,
Father? huh! what a crummy bloke.

To just lie, lie down and enter the long, long sleep,
darkness, stillness, it seems so complete.
A perfect, abode, a hideaway if must be,
some where to hide, so no one can see.

Trying, attempting to pick, raise myself up,
praying, pleading to remove this cup.
don’t want to become a creature a habit of the dark,
dont want to run from the worlds nasty bark.

How? how? questions abound in the mind,
Enigma, confusion, just want to leave it all behind.
Crawling, clawing to get out of this hole,
but darkness keeps dragging me back into my goal.


***End Note***
This poem is from my past, when darkness was all around and though I tried to walk in the light, I was still in the shadow of myself. I am ever so thankful that now I walk within the LIGHT.

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