Train Ride….

Empty seats, empty seats to the left and to the right of me,
Just catching the train quite happily,
Door opens up at the station,
On pop the passengers after their waiting.
So.much space, yeah all round.
But wait whats that rumbling sound.
Footsteps slowly approach where I sit,
I look up and go holy shit!
The size, the sheer mass made me quiver.
As she plonked that ass right beside me.
Now I sit squashed and ever so quietly.
Whilst all around me the other seats sit empty.
Her movements, her pulsating form pushes me so,
Right up against the window, squashed more I go.
I cannot move, i canna not nearly breath nor raise my hand,
The common etiquette, invading personal space, ignoramus doesnt understand.
So I will sit here quietly as I ride,
Praying and hoping that her ass dont slide,
Any further across to my subtle frame,
Like in a compactor, i dont like this game.
Please Maam could you shove over just a little I ask,
In a huff and a puff she got up and scolded my ass.
Bemused, amused or just merely in shock,
I sat there mouth open just like a gok!!
She continued her tirade for a little bit,
As i looked up shocked as shit!
Then the train lurched to the side,
Lo and behold the bitch went for a wee ride.
As I watched her tumble down the aisle.
The cruel one inside me couldnt help bit smile.
I swear the whole carriage shivered and shook,
Whilst the rest of us had that bemused look.
I helped pick her up back of the floor with a smile on my dial,
The rest of the journey continued in a somewhat subdued style.
Awkward silence pervades through the air,
No one dares to speak,
But from my mouth every so often a chuckle does sneak.


***NOTE*** I thought up this poem whilst being squashed in my seat on the train. Believe me, I was seething but am sort of happy my aggression came out in the form of poetry, and I must have been in the ‘zone’ anyways cos it just wrote itself.
Peace, love and blessings to you all.

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