Hate Begets…

Hate begets hate, violence begets violence, judgment begets condemnation,
Since the dawning of time the darkness seeks to overthrow the light,
A perpetual motion of return, revenge and getting back,
Forever trying to get your own back, shoving others off the track,
Darkness, blackness pervading the souls, as each one strives for their goals,
Get out, go over, shove through the mass of humanity,
Forget about love, caring and even a smidge of humility.

My heart, my soul, my mind often does abhore,
This wold, this reality of a seething mass of selfish humanity,
Where its dog eat dog, uncaring, heartlessness does prevail.
When efforts, striving but failure doth prevail.

But then at times I am brought up to feel so high,
When I am touched, filled with hope and joy,
When one, someone pierces that dark, allowing a spotlight to penetrate through,
Highlighting, promoting the frailty, the vunerable, but yet so strong and bold.
If only it would continue to tear the fabric of darkness, gaining momentum,
We have nothing to fear, except fear itself, but through unity we can defeat it so.


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