Beset with Torturous images…

Beset with torturous images whilst I slumber.
Twisted feelings all tied up in knots.
Seeking something someone but never reaching through.
Images, a tale I journey through each night.
Chasing, trying to regain innocence and feelings that have been lost.
The more I seek to gain the loss from and through time.
The more unobtainable the object of my searching becomes.
Strangers appearing, like cameos in a film.
Strangers interfering, like monsters getting their fill.
Restless, running a deadline to seemingly meet.
Personal emotions and also a disaster to beat.
Residual thoughts, feelings that have suddenly come to fore.
Yearnings and unobtainable desires spewing from my core.
Running, frantic, trying to source.
But never getting anywhere just getting worse.
Then the day comes, the light flooding in.
I awake and my nightmare begins.


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