Understanding Teens, I think I know..

I have been thinking, pondering if you may,
of how, why and whats the best course to take,
how to make a teenager listen and obey,
how to stop a teenager making the same mistakes.

Well listen, hear what I sprout,
there is no experienced parent, no same kid,
every circumstances is different, each parent and kid are different no doubt,
and there is no one solution for the trouble to rid.

Teenagers want, and think that they are already adults,
screaming and yelling does not bring out the best results.
My advice to each and all, is to try and talk about whats best
sit them down, treat them like an adult, give em the test.

Point out the facts, the disapointments, the whole bloody mess,
treat them maturely, love them and discuss and do not digress.
Please try, dont give in, just have a chat and a cuppa or two,
talk rationaly, calmly and remember to remain true.

You may be surprised, delighted by the result,
they may listen, may take it onboard their teenage cult.
But realise that there is no one simple solution,
as teenagers have the habit of not following a resolution.

Follow up, keep at it and do not rest,
have faith in what you taught them when they were young and simply the best.
We all went through this time called adolescent years,
please understand that they will come through, have no fears.

You might have to repeat, and repeat what you’ve said,
through patience, understanding and love you will get through their head.
Pease dont take this advice as law,
cos as I said each child, each parent each circumstance and so much more,
is different, unique and catered, created especially for you,
the question is – how will you handle it -what will you do?


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