Dance with Carefree…

Dance with care free abandonment,
rock the house and the establishment.
close my eyes let the beat take over and lose control.
Prancing and mincing all night long having a ball,
Dance like I never danced before,
dance like I want to dance so much more.

Unfortunately to all others it will look like I am having an epilitic fit,
to some it will seem that my dancing is so shit,
but I do not care, cos in my mind I am legend,
I am Lord of the Dance, this is my time for revenge,
I am twinkle toes and tinker bell all rolled into one.
I will dance the good dance until the world is won.

So come on peeps join the dance,
come and make a boogaloo stance.
With joy, with the bass running up the base of your spine,
oohh yeah, dance all night to make me feel fine.
Rock and roll, rap, indie and reggae of course too,
I will tapper tapper tap tap, along the beat with you.

SO grab my hand, close your eyes,
let your body feel the flow of the groove,
let your mind dissolve and listen to the beat so fly,
and get that body to bop and to move.
And dance and dance till you think you’ll die,
then get up again and dance some more until the night says bye

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