They Didn’t ask to be Heroes

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I have always had a deep respect and admiration for a person or animal that has served in any armed forces. I do not judge nor condemn the common soldier or grunt, instead I condemn the politicians and leaders who send people, human beings out to war. So despite, even if I do not believe in the cause or the reason, I will always honor and respect the soldier, the sailor, pilot, serving in any capacity. Naturally like most, I am captured by the tales of those ‘up the sharp end’ but many served in the back lines keeping the men up front supplied, whilst others hid and observed providing important information, some cooked, some cleaned and some repaired all deserved of honor and respect.  During some Remembrance Days, ANZAC days or other days we honor  our service women service men as well as the many animals, I am often inspired,to attempt to write something truly honoring or truly worthy of their sacrifice. Sadly my literary ramblings and arrangement of prose will never do them justice.  I am sure I will be compelled to express my gratitude again and get another chance of saying thank you.
This one was written November 11 2015.

 They didn’t ask to be heroes,
they never requested to be honored.
They had no grand designs of fame or glory,
but simply served to protect us.
They never asked for immortality, but yet they went and grabbed theirs.
So whilst you lay in bed, safely, tucked in complete,
know that for that, many good men and woman, their maker they did meet.

May we never forget, may we always remember,
they shall not grow old, they shall not grow frail.
Those left behind, will never be the same,
the sights, the horrors, the pain they have witnessed.
The sacrifices of the living and the ultimate sacrifice from the dead,
will never be forgotten, instead their names shall always be read.

So stand tall, stand proud and raise a glass,
to all those fallen and remaining men and women.
Never, ever forget their ultimate sacrifice for us all,
remember them all, do not let them be forgotten when they fall.


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