Future Foretold? My Income from my Art?

“Oh to be able to fore see,

Would be a wonderful ability.

But yet peering into the days not yet gone,

maybe could also leave one forlorn.”

crystal ball

There are many throughout the ages and era’s who have sought to foretell the future. History and consequently our media is littered with tales of kings, warriors, queens and common folk seeking to have their fortune revealed. Whether it be to see the outcome of a battle, or to merely inquire as to how the crops and harvest were going to fare this year. Would it be a gift or a curse to have the ability to see into the future and would you use it for good or for selfish gain?

I only ask the above because this blog is about looking into my future and trying to imagine what I will be doing. I have a bit of experience and have been in the work force a long time before committing myself to an asylum, Going crazy oops, I meant college. Well after being so long out from any sort of schooling or study, some would deem me mad or crazy, which actually suits me fine as those are two words I would use in my resume. If I could have looked into the future back then I would have finished my computer engineering degree and maybe today would have had people blogging about me, but instead here I am the one thumping away at the keyboard trying to think of how to write about the weeks topic. Oh the injustice of it all!

In all honesty I find it somewhat daunting to write about such a topic. My life experience has told me to be cautious and confidently quiet when I am discussing my future and my plans, inspirations and goals. Those that shout the loudest, or boast the most, usually end up just being full of hot air and love the idea and talking about it, rather than actually working towards it. I guess when I was a lot younger, naive, bold and confident, fresh and untarnished by this world I was what some may have deemed arrogant but as you get older, time has this wonderful capability to beat you, heat you up and beat you some more. steel forged in fire quoteMind you one man’s arrogance is another man’s confidence…just saying that’s all. This process of refining and shaping can either make one a fine tempered blade of pure steel,or a blade that could shatter at any time. Question is, which blade am I now, and which one do I want to be?

I guess as I am completely new to this gaming development world, the sensible course would be to finish my Bachelors and gain employment in my field somewhere, somehow. Ha! Since when has sensible been interesting? Most of my working life has been in a self employed capacity, the few employee positions all somehow ended badly, literally. The last one involved a run in and over by a truck whilst on a quad bike, good times, great story but I digress…

Back to the topic…

I entrepreneurship quoteknow I definitely want to be in charge of my own fate and destiny.Before returning to study, I operated my own landscaping and handyman construction business for 7 years. I got into self employment again after my accident because it was either put up with the welfare cycle or break out. Being self employed gave me the time to recover and pace myself and even more importantly it gave me the freedom to spend time with my family and being able to watch my girls grow up.

One thing I fully understood was that you got out of your business what you wanted after you put in what was needed. I made a decent income when I worked but did it more for lifestyle than actually looking to make a fortune from it.
Being self employed is not easy,self employed stress quote in all seriousness and honestly it is damn tough and stressful but if the work is put into it, the rewards are amazing. On hindsight being self employed whilst recovering from a major incident is probably not the smartest or sensible thing to do but hey like I said, since when is sensible ever been interesting? I also realized from a young age that the only way to break out of mediocrity and ‘normality’ was to be self employed. Why work for someone else to give them the rewards and maybe when you retire you may be lucky enough to receive a pat on the backside and a contrite thank you for your years of slavery, oops, service. No way!! passion quoteI would rather put in the long hours, the hard work, the anguish and stress where the rewards are returned to me to do with as I see fit. Hell yeah its risky! Hell yeah its tough! Hell yeah!! Oh there is another small important ingredient to make being self employed worth it. Passion. If you do something you love doing, then you never work a day in your life.

Consequently I want to be running a game development company, where I bring together brilliant minds in their chosen fields and project manage to complete the brief. I basically envision myself as a project manager which was basically what I used to do in my previous life landscaping and constructing. The clients presented me a problem or a vision of what they wanted. I then had to design a solution or design a plan of their vision and then deliver. backyardplanIt didn’t mean I had to do everything, but instead have the knowledge to know what is required, what it needs to look like and what it needs to function like. For example, when building a patio extension, I never did the concreting but brought in my expert who did it for me. I just had to be quality control until my section of the task was required.

I don’t see myself spending a lot of capital setting up a company, but more like I design the game and develop the game but call in the specialists to take care of the areas I am no good at or have no knowledge about.Hopefully these experts I call upon are friends or associates of mine where we would agree to form a business entity. We would continue on with our daily lives and jobs whilst working on the projects in our spare time. The ultimate dream is to create a title which becomes incredibly popular and we make a squillion dollars and live happily ever after.

“So if I flew in upon my unicorn and knocked upon your door,

would you believe and come for a ride?”

Yes it could just be a pipe dream but one has to be in it to win it so to speak.

Self employment is really the only path I want to travel down. I am more than aware of the pitfalls, the pressures and the strain and pain, but I am also more aware of the rewards, perks and windfalls. I have no real plan how to really get there and that is not good as if you do not plan in business then you plan to fail. I guess that’s the reason that I am here back at college. I have the capability and some knowledge but to complete the picture I need more knowledge and wisdom. This is the story of my journey completing that picture. I hope you accompany me on this journey and will do my utmost not to annoy the crap out of you, not say anything controversial, and not to insult you. That would be the sensible thing to do, but y’all know what I have to say about that…….

Live life to the best of your abilities but sure as hell enjoy it along the way.

Thank you

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